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Handling Unrealistic Project Schedules

Handling Unrealistic Project Schedules

How to Handle Unrealistic Schedules You’ve have been given a project completion date from management or the customer that you think is unrealistic. Did you know that this is the project manager’s fault? Yes, I mean that. An unrealistic schedule only happens if a project manager is not using the tools of project management properly. Here is how to handle this situation once and for all. Consider this Approach on Your Project When given a date by management or the customer for project completion, a great project manager will do the following: Ask, “How was this date determined?” Then ask, “Is the date a desired date, or is it based on a real business need? What is that need?” In other words, push back to get clarification. Tell management you will get back to them if you discover a problem in meeting that date as you plan the project. Ignore the desired date and plan the project...

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