Other PMI® Exam Changes


This page discusses the impact to your studies for the latest changes to three PMI certification exams: PMI-ACP®, PMI-PBA® and CAPM®. If you’re interested in changes to the PMP® Exam, please visit this link instead. PMI released the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition in September, 2017, and PMBOK Guide®, Seventh Edition in August 2021. Although no exam changes have been announced directly related to the Seventh Edition PMBOK®, there were changes to the CAPM Exam related to the Sixth Edition release. The CAPM® Exam will also change in early 2023. Read below for more information.

RMC Has You Covered

The CAPM Exam will change in early 2023:

PMI has indicated that the CAPM Exam will change in early 2023.  In April, they announced the change and have also released a new Exam Content Outline.  RMC recommends that you study and take the exam before the change to take advantage of known exam aspects. Attend one of our free webinars about the CAPM exam to learn more.

Guides, flashcards, exam simulators and other training materials will need to be updated to be relevant in preparing for the new exam standard.  As we develop the schedule for these updated materials, we will post new information on this page.  Keep in mind that in most cases we will offer discounted or free upgrades to the latest edition of materials if purchased directly from RMC.  So, there is very little risk to starting your study now in order to get the certification before the changes in 2023.

There have been no indications that other exams will change in 2022.

Back in 2018, some materials required updates, others didn’t. Here’s the scoop:

The PMI-ACP® and PMI-PBA® exams did not change significantly in terms of how you study for the exam. Here are blog postings from Mike Griffiths and Barb Carkenord with information on what these changes specifically mean for your study:

Existing PMI-ACP® Exam Prep 2nd Edition and 2nd Edition Updated products as well as PMI-PBA® Exam Prep Premier Edition products are suitable for study for the current exam until further exam changes are outlined.  PMI normally gives several months warning before releasing new exams in order to make sure students can access updated classes and study materials.

The rest of this page is a guide dedicated to CAPM® Exam candidates. RMC released 4th Edition CAPM® Exam Prep products (aligned with the PMBOK® Guide, Sixth Edition) in 2018-2019. Additionally, all RMC Live Instructor-Led CAPM® Classes were updated to this new material standard. Our goal, as always, is to create high quality, accurate and up-to-date materials for your study.  These materials are still applicable until the 2023 exam change.  We will post release timeline estimates on new materials as they become available.

If you have purchased 3rd Edition CAPM® Exam Prep products from us in the past, the deadline has now passed for free or discounted upgrading to current Fourth Edition products.

CAPM®, PMI-ACP® and PMI-PBA® Product Release Dates

These are the latest training materials for these exam types.  Upated CAPM product release timeline estimates for the 2023 exam change will be posted here as they become available.  For now, these materials still apply to current exams.

CAPM Exam Prep, 5th Edition Products for 2023 Exam Change

  • CAPM® Exam Prep, Fifth Edition book – TBD
  • PM FASTrack® Exam Simulator for the CAPM® Exam, Version 5 – TBD
  • Hot Topics Flashcards for the CAPM® Exam, Fifth Edition – TBD
  • CAPM® Exam Prep System, Fifth Edition – TBD
  • CAPM® Exam Prep eLearning Course, Fifth Edition – TBD
  • CAPM® Exam Prep, Instructor-Led Virtual Course, Fifth Edition – TBD

CAPM® Exam Prep Book, Flashcards, Exam Simulator and eLearning Course

As stated above, new materials need to be developed to address early 2023 changes in the CAPM exam.  We will post updated anticipated release dates of various training materials as they become available.

In the meantime, you still have time to study the Fourth Edition materials and take the current CAPM exam.  You can rest assured that if you happen to fail the current exam, RMC offers discounted or free upgrades to new materials to our direct customers.

If you purchased a printed Fourth Edition CAPM® Exam Prep book or printed Hot Topics CAPM Flashcards directly from RMC, you may purchase similar Fifth Edition materials with a 40% discount, plus shipping. To redeem your discount, simply contact customer service at 952-846-4484 with proof of purchase once the Fifth Edition Products become available.

For those that purchase cloud versions of our Fourth Edition CAPM Exam book, Hot Topics Flashcards or PM FASTrack Exam Simulator for the CAPM, you may upgrade to the Fifth Edition products for any time remaining on your subscription for FREE.  To upgrade, simply contact customer service at 952-846-4484 with your name and email address associated with your RMC Cloud account once the Fifth Edition Products become available.

The same is true for those who purchase CAPM Exam Prep eLearning Course, Fourth Edition.  You may freely upgrade to the Fifth Edition for any time remaining on your subscription as soon as the course becomes available.

For any editions earlier than Fourth Edition, the time for free or discounted upgrades has passed.  You will need to directly purchase Fourth Edition products if you wish to start studying now or Fifth Edition products when they become available.

CAPM® Exam Prep Instructor-Led Classes

Our class guarantee will be valid for all CAPM® Exam Prep classes we host. If you fail the CAPM® exam, RMC will honor all guaranteed support actions and restrictions stated in our class guarantee, including free class registration and materials for the latest version of the exam if the previous version is no longer available. Subject to availability, we will also offer free enrollment in a special instructor-led virtual class, Decoding the PMBOK® Guide.

*To qualify for our class guarantee, students must take the version of the CAPM® exam for which their class was designed.